A Continuing Tragedy

65,000,000 birds are killed each and every year by traditional chemical pesticides. Birds eat sprayed bugs and die themselves. We're killing off one of our best allies. When the birds are gone the insects will really take over. Click here to read more on the dangerous effects of traditional pesticides. (Bird statistics herein are from researchers at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY)

Garlic Barrier does repel mosquitoes from your yard, but you may prefer our companion product MOSQUITO BARRIER (TM). To learn more about Mosquito Barrier, click here.

Haven't you ever wondered why there are no mosquitoes in a garlic field?

Yes. Farmers of cotton, corn, soy beans, peanuts and other such crops find that by spraying Garlic Barrier or a combination of Garlic Barrier and an approved sticker on their crops that the deer are repelled and go elsewhere for food. The entire field must be sprayed, not just the outer circumference. The garlic repellent effect lasts about 12-14 days. This identical technique may be used if deer are in your yard eating vegetation.

Excellent results are reported by gardeners from applying Garlic Barrier in the garden or wherever rabbits are feeding. Normally, repellent effects only last about 10-12 days for these guys.

Garlic Barrier is used to keep birds from various fruit trees such as cherry trees. The birds come only when the fruit begins to "sugar" and ripen. The birds smell that the fruit is ripening and attack the fruit, often causing severe damage. Garlic Barrier "masks" the ripening odor of the fruit to the extent that the birds cannot detect that the fruit is ripening and therefore ignore the garlic sprayed trees. Garlic Barrier will not repel birds from trees that they use as roosting areas.

Yes, when the geese are there to eat the grass. Geese land in city parks, school grounds and in urban areas and feed on the grass. Garlic Barrier makes the grass taste bad to the geese and they leave.

Armadillos mostly attack vegetable and flower gardens. Spraying all of your plants (and the ground around the plants) with Garlic Barrier and an approved sticker in combination has produced excellent results in deterring Armadillos from gardens.

No. Garlic Barrier repels mostly insects. Snails are mollusks - as are their cousins the slugs. Copper bands around tree trunks will keep snails off by causing a small electric charge that deters them from crossing the band. Another snail deterrent is placing a band of fine sand about 1/4 inch high around the base of plants - snails do not like to cross sand.

We do not know. Neither ourselves nor any users have reported that bees are repelled by Garlic Barrier. But, because bees are important to pollination, we take the precaution of not spraying blooming plants for fear that it might repel bees. Bees normally come to a plant because of color, not smell and for that reason we do not believe that Garlic Barrier does repel bees but we are not completely certain that this is true in all instances.

You bet. Garlic Barrier does a splendid job of repelling them from yards, flowers, trees and even wheat fields. The Azalea Society of Oklahoma wrote us a marvelous letter - saving their flowers from a huge grasshopper infestation.

To use Garlic Barrier to repel grasshoppers, mix 8 oz. of Garlic Barrier with a gallon of fish emulsion then add this mixture to 20 gallons of water. Spray the field and you will see them leaving ahead of the spray!

Yes, and it does a marvelous job. Iguanas come and eat gardens in residential areas more and more. Spraying garden plants with Garlic Barrier is not only good for the garden plants but keeps iguanas from eating those plants so the iguanas go elsewhere.

Does Garlic Barrier repel Fleas, Ticks and Chiggers?
Yes. If sprayed liberally on grass and plants in yard.
Does Garlic Barrier work on fire ants? Yes, but only if you use Garlic Barrier from the gallon-sized bottles. Do not use Garlic Barrier from quart bottles on fire ants because the Garlic Barrier in quart bottles is not as highly concentrated as the Garlic Barrier in the gallon bottles. We have had excellent results getting rid of fire ants by adding four ounces of Garlic Barrier to a gallon of water (mixing well) and then pouring the mixture over the top of the fire ant mound. Do not spray the mounds, use a watering can with a built in spout. Use a shovel or large board to knock off the top of the mound. Pour the mixture into the newly exposed entranceways and over the portion of the mound that was scraped off. The douse should be applied in the early morning when the ants are slow moving. The next day the fire ants are gone! For smaller 1 foot diameter mounds use a one gallon drench. For larger mounds, use a larger drench. For example, for a 2 foot diameter mound use 2 gallons of drench and for a 3 foot diameter mound use a 3 gallon drench. Always remember to add 4 ounces of Garlic Barrier to EACH gallon of water used in the drench. A 2 gallon drench requires 8 ounces of Garlic Barrier and a 3 gallon drench requires 12 ounces of Garlic Barrier. Please note: Garlic Barrier has no effect on carpenter or sugar ants (the small black house ants). Fire ants are large, red biting ants that build mounds in pastures and yards. More information about fire ants can be found here.
Will it keep carpenter ants, sugar ants or cockroaches out of my house?
We seriously doubt it. It is meant to be sprayed on live plants to keep insects off, spraying on dirt, wood, concrete, etc. will not work.
I have just a few rose bushes and several patio plants and don't want to use poisons.
A quart size bottle of Garlic Barrier works well for small areas. Use a Windex-style spray bottle to apply. These sprayers usually hold 32 ounces. Fill half the spray bottle with Garlic Barrier - the other half with water. Shake well and spray. Store the bottle in a cool, shady place when not in use. Spray about once a week.
Is Garlic Barrier systemic within the plant?
Yes. You can notice this by viewing our TESTIMONIAL page and looking at the wheat field. The wheat is green where the Garlic Barrier was sprayed - showing that it was absorbed by the plant.
Can I keep mosquitoes off my child by spraying her?
No. Garlic Barrier does not work when sprayed on people to keep insects away. Garlic Barrier only removes feeding areas. See explanation next to Mosquito photo above.
Will my blueberries taste like garlic after I use it?
No. Think about it. When you sprayed insecticides on your berries, did the berries taste like pesticides? No. They won't after spraying Garlic Barrier either. No garlic flavor is ever imparted to that which is sprayed with Garlic Barrier.
If I don't use all the Garlic Barrier, will it stay good until next year?
Put the lid on tight, store it in a cool place and it should last for about two years. In a refrigerator at 40 degrees, it will last several years.
What if I don't know if my spray mixture has a pH of 5.5-6 and don't know if I have hard water. What can I do?
Call your County Agricultural Agent. They are there to help local farmers and every county has one. If you are near an agricultural college or State college, call them and present your problem. They will either help you or direct you where to get help. Often enough, your nearby farm chemical dealer can help or get help for you also.
Can we cook with Garlic Barrier or take it as we do our garlic pills?
No. It is not food grade and is not made in conditions considered safe for foodstuffs.
Can I use a hose-end garden sprayer to put the Garlic Barrier in and spray my yard?
Yes. Not as precise as a canister sprayer, but it works OK. Most of these hose-end containers hold a quart and dilute about thirty parts water to one part Garlic Barrier and the droplet size is large. If you choose to use it, mix 12 ounces of Garlic Barrier and 20 ounces of water and pour the mixture into the container and spray away. Normally it takes about 7 minutes to empty the container with the garden hose on full blast, so you need to be quick, or fill it again until you have covered everything we recommend.
I have a 2-gallon canister sprayer. What would be my formula of Garlic Barrier and water?
If you have the quart size Garlic Barrier, for each gallon of total spray you want in the canister sprayer put 13 ounces of Garlic Barrier. If you are using the 100% Garlic Barrier (gallon size or larger) put in 2 ounces of Garlic Barrier for each gallon of liquid. For 2 gallons of total spray put in 4 ounces of Garlic Barrier.
Can I make the Garlic Barrier spray too strong?
We have made 10% solutions and sprayed virtually all our plants, trees and flowers and found no harm at all, except to kill aphids on the spot. You should use the product according to the label directions.
I have brown spots on my lawn. Will Garlic Barrier help? Yes, most of the time Garlic Barrier can help eliminate brown spots. We have had hundreds of customers report that they completely got rid of brown spots in their lawn by spraying Garlic Barrier directly on the brown spot. It works because most brown spots are caused by subterranean grubs and the Garlic Barrier drives the grubs away.
I have fungus gnats in my house plants. There are thousands of them. Does this work on them? When you water your plants, put 4 ounces Garlic Barrier in each gallon of water in your watering can and stir well. Water or spray with this mixture down around the base of the plant to the point of saturation and do it regularly. We have had excellent luck and had no fungus gnats since doing this.
Suggested retail for gallons is $84.95, but quarts are only $9.95. I am better off buying 4 quarts than a gallon, right? NO. You forget that quarts are only 10% Garlic Extract and 90% deionized water, while gallons are 99.3% Pure Garlic Extract. Gallons are 10 times stronger.
Why are some other garlic products cheaper than yours? There may be other liquid garlic products out there. One that we know of is selling a cheaper version of liquid garlic but it only has 20% garlic extract (this means their product is 80% water)! Our Garlic Barrier is 99.3% pure garlic extract, not a watered down product.
I want to buy a small amount of Garlic Barrier right now. How can I do that?
Go to the Contact Us page and click on the logo of one of our retailers. You can buy small amounts of Garlic Barrier there.
I am used to measuring in teaspoons and cups. Could you convert ounces to those for me? 6 teaspoonfuls make an ounce, 8 ounces make a cup.

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