"When you use Garlic Barrier - beneficial insects abound, ground water is safe, the birds return, and farm workers aren't breathing pesticide fumes. The soil rejoices, microbes are not sterilized, earthworms now go happily about their business of loosening the ground without fear of being poisoned from above."


"Last year I contacted you to see if you thought garlic barrier would help alleviate a terrible problem we've had with harlequin beetles the last several years. They would infiltrate any cabbage family plants, which, in my husband's and my case, is kale, broccolini (like broccoli), and kohlrabi.You can't believe how bad they were. You said you thought it might help but I should start applying it in the soil before I even planted, and that I should apply it to the very young plants and then keep doing it. Well, I bought some and this time moved the locations of all my plants, too. I applied it in the soil and then kept the plants sprayed at least every 2 weeks. It sure worked - it was wonderful.

The cabbage butterflies, instead of coming around several at a time, were very sparse. The harlequins were still in our area but never chose to stay here I guess. I understand a neighbor had a problem with them. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know. I will buy another bottle within the next couple months to be ready for next year.

I just love how it helped us this year. The only drawback was the smell of garlic in our kitchen frequently, cause that's where I keep the spray bottle. No complaints, though!

The first photo shows the condition of the broccolini leaves last year, in poor condition and the whole plant was stressed out. (The frog pictured probably ate a lot of the harlequin beetles, but not enough to matter.) Actually the photo doesn't really show how badly they all really looked. All of the kale, broccolini, and kohlrabi were affected and looked terrible.

Before (click to enlarge)
After (click to enlarge)

The second photo shows a close-up of this year's broccolini. Wonderfully green and healthy. The kale and kohlrabi are terrific, too. The kale usually by this time of year has a lot of that gray scale, or whatever they are, on the underneath of the leaves, but this year there are few or none.

Also, as I mentioned, usually the cabbage butterflies are attracted and lay a lot of eggs. However, this year there were very few. Sometimes the butterflies would land on the flowers around the garden, but didn't seem to notice the cabbage-family plants. There were some of the cabbage butterfly caterpillars, but not many.

In all, my husband and I were very impressed!

Thanks again,"

Gay Berrien
Big Bar, CA

"I just love Garlic Barrier! I use it to control Winter moth and gypsy moth caterpillars, as a mosquito control in and outside my poultry houses. I would like to let you know it also works to deter hornet and wasps from building nests on the housing where I spray. Since I started spraying Garlic Barrier (the gallon jug) under the eaves of the poultry houses, I have NO HORNETS or WASP nests!!! I love it because I smell like garlic! Thank you for making such a great, diverse product that is safe to use around people and animals!"

Cynda Williams
The Clover Path Garden
Acushnet, MA

"Love your product. We own 16 dogs and also do boarding. I use the spray when I feed my dogs - it does two things - adds flavor to their food and keeps fleas away. Originally we were using garlic chicken soup but by just using the spray we avoid adding sodium to their diet. My friends are also using this for their pets. Thanks so much. We may be able to sell your product to our clients in the future - we will be advising them and see what happens.

Sincerely and thanks,"

Virginia Chester
Best Friends Breeding & Boarding
Harlingen, TX

"I tried your product with some caution. We were infested with grape plume moths and we used it, and it killed them and we have had no problems that other vineyards are having. We are on our second spraying just to keep stuff out. I bet I was the only one spraying grapes in New York state today, that could without a cab and protection, and the garlic works better, and smells great."

Finger Lakes Distilling Company
Corning, NY

This is what the Long Island Neighborhood Network has to say about garlic
being used as a mosquito repellent and some tips on mosquito prevention.
From India: Tea Studies for Garlic Barrier on: Red spider mites of tea,
purple mites of tea and pink mites of tea.
Mosquito Testimonial - Backyard usage in Michigan

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